There was a time when I wanted to open a highly specialized, gift-basket business where I’d create very customized, unique presents for clients. I never pursued it. Enter Purim, the holiday that makes it a mitzvah to give at least 3, ready-to-eat gifts, typically referred to as Mishloach Manot. Delight and dazzle and customize away!

Well, if I must.

This year, I’ve chosen a “One Fish, Two Fish; Me Fish, You Fish” mishloach manot theme. The Food Network taught me the importance of layering flavors into dishes, so this Adar-able fish theme should inject subtle undertones of consciousness into my Purim treat.

Ingredients (all kosher parve):

  • Rice Crispy Treats (I bought mine ready made to save time.)
  • Kosher Swedish Fish knock-off
  • Fruit roll ups
  • Sea blue Jordan almonds
  • Dried pears
  • Icing
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Ginger (optional)
  • Clear cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • Thematic card (optional)

Apricot Nemo JoyishTo make these cute Nemo fish, I shaped dried pears into fish, used icing to add stripes, and added chocolate chips for the eyes.


These candy nigiri pieces couldn’t be simpler. I just cut ready-made Rice Krispies treats into sushi-sized pieces. (If you can make your Rice Krispies treats from scratch, even better.) Place a fish gummy on top. To create your seaweed, slice a fruit roll-up into strips and wrap it around the two to hold them together.

MishloachManot_Purim Put it all together! Place your smiley Nemo and Sushi pieces on a bed of sea-blue Jordan almonds and gummy fish. I used a piece of ginger and several, sour, gummy candies to create ambient coral.

For a finishing touch, wrap your ‘Under the Sea’ scene in cellophane and tie with a thematic ribbon. To explain my fishy theme to recipients and personalize the gift, I scanned and shrunk my holiday art and turned it into a card.

Who wouldn’t love getting this colorful package? These ideas can be re-used and re-purposed at birthday and theme parties, but first and foremost, you’ve created fun and meaningful Mishloach Manot. Enjoy!

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