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What can I do? 14 Ways to Help Israel Now

I can help Israel joyish how can i help what can i doIf you’re anything like me, you watch the news and want to jump into action. What can I do? How can I help? Well you CAN help and here’s how: Give your time, prayers, money or all 3!

Give Your Time

Defend Israel : You Are an Ambassador of Israel

  • Get Beyond the Choir: take 30 minutes a day to comment under articles and reply to friends online. Don’t have time to research? We did it for you. I have worked with others to create these concise talking points with supporting materials. We are always updating this site – save time, be effective!
  • Tweet for Israel: Want to tweet for Israel, but don’t have time to compose tweets? Visit this stream of pro-Israel tweets and simply click the “retweet” symbol. Tweets only live 10 minutes, you can tweet often and repeat yourself.
  • Follow and share the posts of: IsraelUnderFire (@IsraelUnderFire), StandWithUs (@StandWithUs), FIDF (@FollowFIDF), and IDF Spokesperson (@IDFspokesperson). Follow trustworthy news sources. Get the word out.
  • Use these hashtags in your posts for maximum visibility: #IsraelUnderFire, #ProtectiveEdge, #KidsAreNotTargets, #IDF, #HamasTerror, #FreeGazaFromHamas, #HumanShields, #IronyDome, #PrayForIsrael, #IsraelUnderAttack. Use these hashtags to reach the anti-Israel community: #GazaUnderFire, #AsymmetricWarfare, #PrayforGaza, #GazaUnderAttack.

Sign These Petitions

Give Your Prayers

Give Your Money

Donate to these Grassroots Efforts

  • The IDF’s elite 6646 Paratroopers Unit is about to go into Gaza and needs certain items to be more effective in their dangerous mission. Help raise the $20,000 our boys need.
  • Deliver Underwear to the IDF soldiers. Why? Health & hygiene matter to our fighters, especially in war. It’s hot on the Gaza border and though funny, this is what they’ve requested. Kits include: boxers, a clean tee, army-regulation socks, a body towel, and a package of fresh wipes. Donate here.
  • Feed our soldiers! Army rations fuel but don’t inspire – want to show your love the Jewish way – through food? Deliver pizza to our platoons on the Gaza border.
  • Help needy Israeli families in the south: cover the credit lines of needy families in grocery stores, buy food vouchers for needy soldiers who serve in the IDF’s Search & Rescue Unit of the Homefront Command of the IDF. This unit is dispatched every time a rocket hits a target in Israel. Many soldiers serving in this unit come from under-privileged families in the South.

Donate to these Important Organizations

  • StandWithUs – Creating an army of advocates, SWU is responsible for much of the powerful social media work you’ve been seeing online. Support this vital organization.
  • Magen David Adom – I am personally involved with this effort to donate an ambulance to Magen David Adom NOW. Help Israel save lives by strengthening our first responders.
  • One Family rehabilitates, reintegrates and rebuilds the lives of Israel’s thousands of victims of terror attacks—those who have been bereaved, maimed, or suffer from post-trauma as a result of terror attacks.

We are one. Our unity is our superpower. Do your part, show your love!


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Dance in the Face of Hate

Get ready for dancing! We need it, don’t we? What other people besides the Jews have the audacious spirit to sing and dance in the face of hate and terrorism? This instinct to unite in song and dance contrasts starkly with Israel’s enemies’ crude compulsions. In case you haven’t heard about them, here’s a handy-dandy Hate Fest Round-Up:

GERMANY: The anti-Semitic genie left the bottle as Islamists and neo-Nazis (because birds of feather, etc, etc) united in Berlin and Frankfurt to protest, hurl stones at police officers, and denounce Jews as sub-human animals. [Monday, June 14]

UNITED STATES: Anti-Israel protesters in Seattle screamed anti-Israel slogans and blood libels, claiming Jews kill and eat gentile babies and drink their blood. (More ironic because Kashrut laws forbid Jews to eat any animal blood.) Their unbridled, anti-Semitic spectacle climaxed with a call to destroy the Jewish state, and demonstrated again that anti-Zionism is indeed just anti-Semitism repackaged. So to be clear, they accused Israel of genocide, but in the same breath called for the extermination of the Jewish state. Clearly their continuity person was out to lunch. [Monday, June 14]

No, this isn't in the Middle East. This is Paris, France.
No, this isn’t in the Middle East. This is Paris, France.

FRANCE: A peaceful protest in Paris turned violent when anti-Israel mobs chanting anti-Semitic slogans cornered 200 Jews in a synagogue and hurled stones at them. At least 3 Jews wound up in the hospital as a result.  [Sunday, June 13] This is one of a series of anti-Semitic attacks in France recently that include firebombings and stabbings.

UNITED STATES: Pro-Israel demonstrators in Boston were swarmed by anti-Israel protestors, told to “drop dead,”  and called “Jesus killers.” Some were physically assaulted. [Sunday, June 13]

UNITED STATES: A beautiful pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles turned ugly when four violent Muslims with sticks beat any Jews in their path before police intervened. [Sunday, June 13]

No, this isn't the Middle East, it's London, England.
No, this isn’t the Middle East, it’s London, England.

ENGLAND: Hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrators brought London traffic to a halt by swarming the streets, scaling a double-decker bus, and chanting slanderous accusations against Israel. [Saturday, June 12]

MOROCCO: A popular rabbi in Casablanca, Rabbi Moshe Ohayon was beaten on Shabbat on his way to Friday-night services. The Arab attacker said it was “revenge for Gaza” and committed the assault in broad daylight. Passersby did not heed the rabbi’s calls for help. The Rabbi’s nose and ribs were broken. [Friday, June 11]

AUSTRALIA: A former IDF soldier in Melbourne was attacked from behind, beaten and cut by a knife by several Arabs who called him a “Jewish dog.” [Thursday, June 10]

UNITED STATES: Hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrators in New York City turned their protest into an all-out hate fest by chanting genocidal threats against the Jews. [Thursday, June 10]

UNITED STATES: 300 anti-Israel protesters surrounded 30 peaceful, pro-Israel demonstrators in San Francisco, calling for another intifada and the destruction of the Jewish state.  [Monday, June 7]

AND MORE: Thousands in Japan, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Norway and Indonesia marched in solidarity with Hamas, burning Israeli flags along the way. A popular hashtag trending in anti-Israel circles is #HitlerWasRight.

Think there’s a growing harassment of Jews? Have we entered a time when freedom lovers exercising their freedom of speech and religion risk assault? Will this improve as Islamic-supremacists continue to topple regimes, seize power and weapons, silence dissidents, and populate the West? You decide.

In the face of hatred, the Jewish people sing of Hashem, unity and miracles and let their song drown out the vicious chants of their depraved enemies.

This hatred is what Israel faces. And yet, her people choose to dance. They dance on the front line. They dance at the rallies. They sing of Hashem, unity and miracles and let their song drown out the vicious chants of their depraved enemies.

There’s a lot of darkness out there. But we are the dancers, the singers, the light. So, let’s get to it, ’cause that’s what we do!

My New Favorite Video – IDF soldiers & Breslov Chassids Dance, Face Their Mission in High Spirits with Emunah (Faith)! ♥

Our Brave IDF Soldiers Sing Their Way to the Kotel

Even During War, IDF Soldiers Sing of Faith & Miracles

L.A. Pro-Israel Rally – No Incitement or Hate Speech Here, Only Love

A Beautiful People – We Sing and Dance to Silence Hate

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Israel Facts: Trusted Middle East News Outlets

Israel Facts-Trusted Middle East News OutletsSeeing the news lately, you probably wish you could do more to support Israel. Well, you can, and it’s not that hard!

To help Israel: know your facts.

I personally believe that Israel’s enemies’ manipulatively twist and turn the facts, using our liberal, Western values against us. But, education is the way to peace. When you become an ambassador of the truth, you can correct misinformation when you hear it. Armed with facts, you can educate others and stymie false narratives. There is the war on the ground and the war of hearts and minds. We can all be soldiers in Israel’s PR battle and defend her from ignorance, half-truths and lies.

Hi, Remember me? I know, it’s been a while. Several whirlwind weeks took me from California to Israel to Jordan to Israel to Georgia and back again. What’s better than a global adventure?

But, reality stung when I returned to read the heartbreaking news of 3 Israeli teens kidnapped by terrorists, rocket fire from Syria & Gaza landing in Israeli cities, and terrifying terrorist advances in Iraq. However unsettling, I kept hunting for more information; the ticker tape underlining news programs never offering sufficient detail.

To quell my thirst I headed to the outlets below, my trusted sources for Middle East news. Let them also help you better navigate our landscape of misinformation.

News Aggregators:

1. Daily Alert
If you read nothing else, read this. The Daily Alert curates the day’s must-know news concerning Israel and world Jewry. The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and The Conference of Presidents, responsible for the daily digest, includes top news and think tank articles, plus a few choice op-eds. I consider this mandatory reading. You can subscribe for free here.

News Outlets:

1. The Times of Israel
When rockets land in Israel, too many international news outlets skip it. “Again?” they shrug, letting the sirens and terror fade into unrecorded history. No wonder so many people view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict out of context. TOI reports what too many papers omit, the whole story.

2. The Jerusalem Post
Although the ads can get tiresome, JPost gets the job done. I especially enjoy their analysis pieces and pay particular attention to columnists Hillel Neuer, Caroline Glick, Daniel Gordis, Alan Dershowitz, Sarah Honig and Shmuley Boteach.

3. The Wall Street Journal
The WSJ is my American paper of choice. I get the weekend version and read the first section from cover-to-cover. Unlike never-ending online news, once you finish section 1, you can feel you’ve gotten both the international and domestic “essentials.”

News Watch Dogs:
As I alluded to before, mainstream news outlets’ Middle Eastern reports too often cast Israel as the villain, omitting essential parts of the story, sensationalizing or outright misrepresenting events on the ground. Thank goodness for these organizations that keep news outlets – the official recorders of history – accountable to the facts.

1. Honest Reporting: Defending Israel from Media Bias
2. CAMERA: Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

News Bloggers:
If you can’t handle sarcasm, avoid these sites. The bloggers will often introduce articles they care to share in their own voices, editorializing along the way. I don’t mind. I regularly find hard-to-find news articles and op-eds on their sites, gathered from local news channels and papers across Europe, the Middle East and America.

1. Elder of Ziyon (EoZ) – the blog’s name satirizes the anti-Semitic propaganda book, “The Protocols of the Elder of Zion.”
2. Israel Matzav – Translation: The Israeli Situation.
3. Israpundit – Quite professional, more like an e-zine than a blog.

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